About PAS

It all started with two questions: "What makes an action star?"  and "Whom can we cast as our Star?"  While touring as a member of the exclusive club of modern day film action icons, known as the  “Expendables", Dr. Snipes was surprised by the frequency of similar questions from the press: "What are the qualifications needed to be an action star?",  "How come there are no action stars like the "ole' days?",  'Who's the next action star?"   ( Watch that!  The OG's ain't going anywhere. Eh, silly rabbit! )  All exciting and challenging questions to tackle…  

The first goal is to cast the lead role of INDIGO, a female-driven action project MHS and Skydance partnered to produce for TV. The role calls for a multi-talented actress, affectionately known as a "triple threat," physically attractive, sound acting skills and charisma, with different flavors for different neighbors.  It's clear that the top choice would need broad audience appeal!  But where do we find them?   Our solution was to expand the traditional casting search out to the global community and invite their help.  By harnessing the power of the WEB, the talent search could include world participants, and their loyal fan base could join in the journey from start to finish.  Open up to the world and discover the heroes of the future.  New talent professionally trained for a career in the greatest entertainment industry and most popular film genre in the world and a fan-friendly film star. 

As an ongoing project, PAS (Project Action Star) is a cultural exploration into the skills and talents required to be an action movie star. The Judges will judge, The Coaches will coach, the Contestants will give their all and the Fans will vote for their favorite, all resulting in the emergence of fan-favorite, organically- grown action talents.  MHS will have its lead cast, and Hollywood will celebrate the arrival of these Action Stars of the future. 

The PAS competition and Academy program will focus on five skill sets: Core pillars of an 'Action Star's foundation; Athleticism, Film Presence, Mental Focus, Personal Character and the "Gimmick".

The PAS mission is to elevate on-camera performer skills, increase the college of technicians behind the camera, produce the most dynamic Edu-tainment in the industry and have fun while doing it.  Maybe even make a few dreams come true along the way.