How It Works

Project Action Star (PAS) is an international high-stakes TALENT competition wrapped into a training program, that is wrapped into a global casting session.  This endeavor is comprised of impossible obstacles, thrilling feats, and extremely challenging opponents. 

Recognizing the need for new, energetic, daring and skilled action star actors, Project Action Star was launched in March 2017. Project Action Star is the most ambitious global search for a next action film star, ever executed. 

The ultimate prize and best pathway to becoming a feature film/television action superstar is becoming a contestant in Project Action Star.

The main purpose of PAS is to identify that man or woman who will become Hollywood's next Action Star, who will follow in the footsteps of Bruce Lee, Wesley Snipes and other super heroes.

Unlike past "action star" competitions where the focus was mostly on physical athleticism, PAS will pay equal attention to the "acting in action" approach in order to develop a well rounded multi-skilled performer - The Professional.

The competition will consist of individual and team challenges, character role playing, on set training, and personal swag.

On the other side of the camera, The filmmaker's dynamic action scenarios, that they created,will be played out by the competitors, on camera.   In some instances, the contestants will be put to the task of re-creating classic action sequences, pulled from original film or TV projects. 

The ultimate prize - To become a feature film/television action superstar.

After completing the PAS Academy Skills Training with our international pool of film action masters (The FAM), and surviving the scrutiny of our celebrity judges, PAS finalists will emerge with the "tool kit" of an "Action Star", and will be rewarded with a feature role in a MHS (Maandi House Studios) produced film project. 

Targeting their regional market or global fan base, the finalist will have transformed, while being a part of and participating in the competition.

PAS is accessible across all digital media and mobile device platforms, including the World Wide Web, social media, and traditional TV broadcasting networks. You won’t ever have to miss a single minute of the daring events that will take place throughout the world.


Q:  How to submit your PAS Application

A:  Step One: Click any submission fields.  You will be asked to create an account.

     Step Two:  Complete the submission fields including video and pictures and select your desired disciplines (Up to 12 disciplines).

     Step Three:  Submit your application by clicking the “Submit” button. 

     Step Four:  You will receive a confirmation email from the  PAS Team.


Submission FAQ

Q:  What video formats will be accepted?

A:  We accept MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV formats, as well as  YouTube, and Vimeo links.


Q:  What is the maximum video playtime?

A:  The maximum video play length is 5 minutes.   Please make sure that your video play length is no more than 5 minutes. 


Q:  What if there is no discipline that I can select from the discipline list?

A:  Please click “Special Skills” and indicate your discipline(s) or simply tell us that you have not trained under any discipline.


Q:  What is the next step once I finish uploading?

A:  PAS Judges will review your submission.  Once your submission is approved, it will be posted on the PAS site.

      Submitters who receive the largest number of positive reviews will be selected to participate in the live audition. 


Q:  What if I want to change my submitted video?                                                            

A:  If you want to replace your posted video, please contact  Our tech team will contact you.                  

     Please do not duplicate your account.


Q:  What happens if I don’t get an email or phone verification number?

A:  Please send email to  We will fix the problem for you.


Q:  Will I have a better chance if I submit more than 1(one) application and video?

A:  Only 1(one) application should be submitted.  Only submit a second video if it is requested by PAS.


Q:  Will I compete within my discipline or is the competition across disciplines?

A:  The competition is across disciplines among people who believe that they have the necessary star- quality to become an action star, whatever their discipline is. 


Q:  Should I submit a video with only my presentation or should I submit a video of myself, along with multiple attackers?

A:  In the interest of your decoration or adornment, whatever you think best showcases your talent, is best.


Q:  Are live blades, shurikens (Ninja Throwing Stars) and knife throwing allowed in auditions?

A:  No.


Q:  If I am eliminated from PAS, what happens to my personal information?

A:  You may request that your data be removed and that your account be terminated.


For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ page.