Dr. Wesley Snipes


Award-winning Actor who is theatrically trained and a master of various martial arts. Acted, produced films from 1986 to present, grossing over $1.8 billion worldwide.

Sifu Chuck Jeffreys

Action Choreographer/Martial Arts Expert/GM

Award-winning action choreographer, Martial Arts Master who's global resume includes blockbusters-Blade1-3, Spider-Man,, Gladiator, Jessica Jones, and The Wire.

GM Jeff Imada

Stunt Actor/Director/Martial Arts Expert

Award-Winning Hollywood stunt performer/director in over 100 films, including Bourne Series. Furious 7, Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour, Captain America, and many more.

Doo Hong Jung

Action Director/Stunt Coordinator/Actor

One of the most recognized action director, martial arts choreographer, stunt coordinator, and actor in South Korea; and a founder of Seoul Action School.

Ms. Gina Belafonte

Actress/ Producer/ Director/Teacher

Award-winning producer, actress and Sr.Director at Cal Art Institute, known for All My Children, The Commish, Bright Lights, Big City, Sing Your Song, and many more.